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Meer3D and PRINT&GO sign a collaboration agreement

The 3D printing Dutch reseller Meer3D and the Spanish software company PRINT&GO, sign a collaboration agreement to help companies automate the management of their 3D printers and, thus, achieve significant cost and time savings.

The collaboration unites the experience of Meer3D, a leading additive manufacturing company in the Netherlands that offers various services such as distribution of 3D printers and materials, model manufacturing, maintenance, among others; and PRINT&GO, a leading Spanish multi-brand managed services solution for 3D printers.

A clear desire to offer customers a solution that guarantees that the production of their 3D printers or printer farms can be carried out with a minimal investment. PRINT&GO is

revolutionizing, companies in many sectors, and it is what has moved both parties to

continue growing and join forces from now on.

There are many companies that have already decided to bet on the PRINT&GO solution to integrate them into their 3D manufacturing processes, becoming an essential part. Thanks to it, they can monitor and control their 3D printers remotely and in real time, in addition to analyzing the entire production to optimize material use and times" Says John Amin, Chanel Manager at PRINT&GO.

How does PRINT&GO works. Video source: AMPC & PRINT&GO

"In today's industry, 3D printing plays a fundamental role and from Meer 3D we want to

provide valuable and appropriate solutions to our customers. PRINT&GO is a facilitator

within a company, working with additive manufacturing, and a perfect complement to

optimize the workflow of 3D printers” Adds Gawain Beunk, Company Manager at Meer3D.

Thanks to this collaboration, companies in the Netherlands will also have the PRINT&GO

software and a full service, from initial advice to solution integration and technical support.

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