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IMPACT Program
Revenue acceleration program for
Additive Manufacturing companies
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The IMPACT Program

Our revenue acceleration program is designed for busy senior leaders of AM companies to assess channel network performance and the maturity level of each sales partner, and to set a plan to drive growth.

The most efficient way to achieve this goal is by analyzing the performance of the top channel partners, and understanding what makes them the best performers. After incorporating best industry practices, we create a custom playbook for the entire network on how to promote and sell a specific solution.


Executing such a plan can be done by the company's channel management team or by outsourcing it to the 3D Alliances taskforce, that will work directly with selected channel partners that have good potential to grow.

Channel network dashboard.

Channel network performance dashboard

Channel partner maturity model

The Channel Partner Maturity Model

To assess the maturity level of the entire channel network, we have developed a unique channel partner maturity model that help us categorize each of the sales partners into three different levels: Immature, Managed, and Leading. Each level produces a different impact on the organization's sales performance.

The model includes six growth pillars that form the basis of a sales partner's activities when promoting and selling an AM solution. Analyzing the weak and strong points of each sales partner can provide growth opportunities within the network.


Once full mapping is in place, we identify sales partners that have the potential to drive more business and set a plan to support them. Pushing these sales partners to the next maturity level will generate a positive impact on their performance and on the entire channel network.

3D Alliances channel partner maturity model

Our Services




Designed for small to medium-sized AM companies that would like to analyze their channel performance and set a ramp-up plan.





Designed for small to large AM companies seeking external support

from industry veterans to

drive channel growth.





Designed for medium to large AM companies looking to both analyze and

optimize their channel network

using external support.


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