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Channel Recruitment
Build a strong global channel network
to resell your 3D printing solution

Our Resellers' Network

Total of 2,053 resellers from 74 countries

Our global 3D printing reseller network is composed of three main streams. One is small online-oriented businesses that focus on selling entry-level solutions. The second is medium size companies that sell mid-range products, and the third are veteran companies that have been selling 3D printing products for over a  decade on top of their core business of selling solutions such as 3D design software tools, CNC, injection molding, robotics, and others.

Over the years, we have interacted with 3D printing channel partners at international trade shows like Formnext, Rapid+TCT and AMUG, at online events, and during our work with 3D printing companies. We know many of them in person.


Europe (Top 5)

Asia (Top 5)

Number of resellers per country

Our Service

Global channel recruitment

Making a bad choice and onboarding the wrong channel partner is very expensive. You will waste money and valuable time and put your company’s growth at risk. It’s like choosing any business partner; you want to make sure they are professional, there for the long-term, and can deliver. 


In the past 16 years, we have built a unique method to filter, qualify and choose the right channel partners. Our process is based on these five main steps:

  • Learn your technology value proposition.

  • Define the ideal channel partner profile.

  • Set a yearly channel recruitment plan.

  • Engage and evaluate suitable candidates.

  • Onboard new a channel partner.

We accelerate the process for you, ensuring you invest your time efficiently in all the vital tasks you have to do to successfully run a 3D printing company.

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Selected VAR's in our network

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