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voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of 3D printing systems for industrial applications and is specialized on Powder-Binder-Jetting of plastic, sand and ceramics. The company's 3D printing systems offer building volumes of up to 4,000x2,000x1,000 mm. Additionally, it operates service centers in Germany, USA, India and China for the on-demand production of 3D printed molds and models.


By offering tremendous printing speeds including our large capacities in our service centres the company is able to generate quick turn-around and serial manufacturing capability. Sand applications: Casting molds & cores, formwork elements for concrete casting, laminating molds, thermoforming molds Casting Applications: The following materials are available for casting: Magnesium, Aluminum, Brass, Iron and steel casting. Plastic applications: Investment casting, Mockups, Film & Entertainment props, architectural models Ceramic applications:


voxeljet 3D printing systems can be adjusted and optimised on various ceramic materials in close cooperation with the customer as part of a tailoring project. PA12, PP & TPU: Functional models for various industries such as automotive or sporting goods industry.

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