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The 3D Alliances IMPACT Program - Revenue Accelerator for AM Companies

Updated: May 30

The IMPACT Program is a new initiative by 3D Alliances aimed at helping AM companies address one of the most challenging tasks the entire industry is facing – growth. Whether you are an early-stage startup, a scale-up company with mature solutions, or a market leader with a wide product portfolio, gaining market share has become harder than ever.

Since the vast majority of AM companies sell their solutions via sales partners, having a strong and optimized channel network, along with a clear channel management methodology, is crucial for maximizing sales performance. Without a professional and dedicated channel network, potential revenue in specific countries or regions will be missed.

The IMPACT Program concept

What works well, and why. By analyzing the performance of the top sales partners in each network and understanding what makes them successful, best practices can be translated into a playbook for the entire network. This way, other sales partners can learn how to improve their working processes, and the company can set a clear working plan to maximize performance through sales partners with strong growth potential.

The channel partner pyramid - learning from the best partners. Image source - 3D Alliances

Outsourcing channel management

Effective management of a sales partner network is based on a solid working plan with a clear methodology, execution process, and strong relationships. When one or more of these elements is missing, it affects the entire network and prevents the company from driving growth.

In cases where help is required due to a lack of personnel or expertise, or when facing rapid expansion into new markets, outsourcing channel management to an experienced professional can have a positive impact in a short time. The benefits can include accessing expertise, reducing overhead costs, enhanced focus on strategic initiatives, and better tools for tracking performance.

The channel network dashboard - a channel management tool. Image source - 3D Alliances

Who can benefit from the IMPACT Program?

3D Alliances recognizes three different types of AM companies in the current landscape of the industry:


Small companies with typically 5-50 people that have sold a few dozen of their solutions to end users. They face two main challenges:

  1. Limited sales and marketing resources: startups typically have small teams focused primarily on R&D, leaving little capacity for sales and marketing efforts.

  2. Market penetration: struggling to establish a presence in the market due to an insufficient network and lack of channel management expertise.


Medium-sized companies with typically 50-150 people that have sold a few hundred of their solutions to end users. They face two main challenges:

  1. Growing pains: scaleups often face difficulties in optimizing their expanding sales and marketing teams and networks.

  2. Global expansion: need for a more efficient and effective global channel strategy to support growth.

Market leaders 

Large corporations with typically 150-2,000+ people that have sold a few thousand of their solutions to end users. They face two main challenges:

  1. Complex channel networks: managing extensive and intricate global channel networks with diverse partners.

  2. Crucial transition periods: bridging channel leadership gaps due to leaders on leave, reduced headcount, and recruitment phases.

The IMPACT Program is designed to provide tailored solutions for each of these profiles according to their specific needs. A small startup can gain access to new partners and set the right foundation for managing them properly. A scale-up company can use the program to analyze their channel performance and implement best practices.

A market leader can use the IMPACT Program to bridge channel leadership gaps, ensuring continuity and strategic momentum to accelerate revenue and avoid channel performance setbacks.

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