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Founded in 2016 by Thomas Batigne, Julien Duhalde, and Karim Sinno, Lynxter created the S600D, the first modular industrial 3D printing machine. Airbus, impressed by Lynxter's innovative approach, became their first customer, launching them into the world of 3D experts. Located in Bayonne, France, Lynxter has expanded its reach with contracts from major companies like Schneider, Sanofi, and Renault. They introduced the S300X, a machine dedicated to silicone printing, and launched their own range of materials.

In the ever-changing industrial landscape, adapting to new challenges is crucial. Lynxter plays a key role by offering innovative solutions to meet economic, strategic, and ecological shifts through their investment in 4.0 technologies. They stand as pioneers, providing essential tools for businesses to navigate the demands of today's industry.

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