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The Evolution of 3D Printing in the Spanish Market

INTECH3D is the official reseller of Ultimaker, Shining3D, BCN  & Formlabs in Spain, and also a consulting company that supports local companies with choosing the right software and hardware 3D printing solutions for digitizing manufacturing.

Joan Folguera Argelich, CEO | INTECH3D

Currently, 3D printing is overcoming the traditional method of manufacturing machines and parts in industrial manufacturing processes. This happens as a result of cost and production time reduction by this new technology and above all, to the revolution that has meant that through additive manufacturing, endless products can be created for industry and its manufacturing processes, as it would be the case of tool manufacturing.

Many of our clients, at the beginning, decided to join 3D printing for prototyping, frequently driven by R&D or engineering departments. After a period of maturation, and knowing many other benefits that additive manufacturing can bring them, they decide to use it in other fields, such as in tool manufacturing, spare parts and also small series. Among the benefits of tool producing with 3D printing, we can highlight: cost reduction, especially in short and custom series, saving money on the outsourcing of these pieces; shorter delivery time, which is usually reduced between 40% and 90% compared to the traditional method; greater customization possibilities, and that with traditional methods would not be possible or, it would be very expensive; resource optimization, because 3D printing allows tooling designs that are not able to be printed with traditional production methods. According to, our clients also optimizing the design of the parts by generating different thicknesses of structural reinforcement, so that they fulfill the function and with the use of the minimum amount of material possible, in other words lighter and cheaper parts.

Source: 3D printed spare parts for PAUL HARTMANN IBERIA (INTECH3D Project)

3D printing has been integrated into the production departments of our customers the same operators of the department are the users of it, after a small training done by our technical specialists at the time of installation, and easily integrate it into of the tasks of the production department. Through 3D printing, our customers can create tooling parts in hours, in addition to having a control of the stock, which facilitates the purchase processes and reduces the immobilization of it. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that, for tooling manufacturing, we have a wide range of materials, with different mechanical and temperature properties, as well as Carbon fiber nylon, carbon fiber pc, carbon fiber pp, glass fiber nylon, ABS, PETG, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, among others.

Source: 3D printed spare parts for PAUL HARTMANN IBERIA (INTECH3D Project)

In conclusion, additive manufacturing has great benefits when it’s used to produce tools of different types, as well as casting tools, devices for assembly, surgical guides, among others. Most of our customers are already applying it. Creating parts and spare parts of machinery through 3D printing, or even supports that help them to improve the manufacturing process of final product.

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