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Technical Analysis - Which 3D Printing Stock Looks Attractive?

Updated: Feb 21

Image source: Yahoo finance

With takeover bids every week or so, now would be a great time to examine the charts of Stratasys, 3D Systems, Nano Dimension, and Desktop Metal. Let's try to estimate which stocks seems to be trading in a positive trend, and which ones are on the negative side. Using the long-term moving average indicators will be the best in this case:

DM - Desktop Metal

Image source: Yahoo finance

In the past 12 months the 50 days moving average has been trading below the 200 days moving average, without a positive cross up which is a bullish sign. Until then, the stock doesn't look attractive.

NNDM - Nano Dimension

Image source: Yahoo finance

Similar to DM, the stock is clearly trading on a negative side with no bullish signs on the horizon.

DDD - 3D Systems

Image source: Yahoo finance

Despite the recent spike, we recently saw a negative cross of the 50 days moving average, keeping the sellers more dominate than buyers. Therefore, as the others, not attractive.

SSYS - Stratasys

Image source: Yahoo finance

We have a winner! The first positive sign is high volumes since early March 2023, meaning overtime buyers are willing to buy more and pay higher prices. In addition, two weeks ago we saw a positive cross of the 50 days moving average, taking the stock to higher levels. This makes Stratasys the stock with the highest chances to continue a positive trend!

> Any opinions, analyses, prices, or other information contained in this overview are provided as general market information for educational and entertainment purposes only, and do not constitute any investment advice <

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