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LOOP 3D is a company that takes pride in its innovative and stable approach to additive and subtractive manufacturing. The company’s products are carefully designed to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies with conventional manufacturing methods to ensure long-lasting mechanical stability. Our primary focus is on printing with composite materials.

LOOP 3D Europe has its sales, administration, and networking HQ in Poland, while manufacturing and R&D are based in Turkey. All products are currently shipped worldwide from Ankara, Turkey.


One of its most in-demand products, the LOOP PROX+ 3D printer, is purpose-built for industrial applications and is fully compatible with high-end composite materials. The company’s experienced team of engineers and specialists, with over twelve years of experience in the additive and subtractive manufacturing field, are dedicated to developing, testing, and refining industrial additive manufacturing systems capable of withstanding the challenges of industrial use.


LOOP 3D recognize the criticality of dependability and convenience in manufacturing. Therefore, its 3D printers are outfitted with cloud-based software that enables remote control of each printer, fleet management, project management, slicing, and more. This software simplifies the management of our clients' printers from any location worldwide, making it an optimal solution for businesses with multiple offices or factories. LOOP 3D can also offer an offline version of LOOP 3D Software on demand.


The company’s printers feature dual extrusion, simultaneously facilitating the use of two different materials and unique breakaway support materials that ensure a smooth surface. Additionally, the company offer four slots for 2 kg material spools to enable continuous printing.


LOOP 3D is dedicated to providing our clients with dependable, innovative, cost-effective solutions for their industrial additive manufacturing needs.

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