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The needs of your customers are constantly changing as they look for new 3D printing solutions

that will further shorten their design and manufacturing processes. Out of the hundreds of new

companies emerging in this fast growing industry, we will filter the ones that have the highest

probability to be the next big thing

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We constantly scout for new and

innovative hardware and software

3D printing companies to help them

ramp up channel partners. 

As a member of our network you will

be the first one we will approach once

a business opportunity comes along.

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3D Reports
Explore New Startups

We pick selected hardware and

software 3D printing startups 

we think offers unique solutions,

and conduct a research on them.

We summarize the results in

reports which we share for free

with our reseller network.

Gain access to our 3D reports

to learn more about unique

startups that might be

under your radar.

3D Recruitment

Hire Top Talents

We help 3D printing resellers

that are looking to grow to find

and hire top talents for their organizations, and to help 3D printing/additive manufacturing professionals to find the right jobs

in great companies.

Gain access to our large database

of professionals from around the

world that are looking for the next

step in their carrier.

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