3D Printing
Expand Your Global Reach

We know how challenging it can be to build a global and professional channel network geared towards selling your solution. This is a time consuming process that requires valuable resources and above all - experience. By allowing you to leverage on our expertise, we trust we can help you recruit top sales partners that will  significantly shorten your time to market and accelerate your business growth

How Can We Help You?

Setting and executing a yearly global

channel deployment program of filtering

and recruiting the most suitable sales

partners geared towards selling your

solutions. Supporting all channel

management activities with a focus

on your yearly sales goals.

Expand your global reach and

accelerate your revenue stream by

establishing a strong and professional

global channel network.

Platinum Program

Global Channel Deployment

Gold Program

Recruitment Per Country

Supporting your channel managers

in seeking and filtering possible sales

partners in a specific country according

to a pre-defined profile. 

Helping in selecting the most suitable 

channel geared towards selling your


Strengthen your presence in specific

regions to increase your overall

business grow throughout

sales partners.

3D Recruitment

Hire Top Talents

We help 3D printing companies

that are looking to grow to find

and hire top talents for their organizations, and help 3D-printing/additive manufacturing professionals to find the right jobs

in great companies.

Gain access to our large database

of professionals from around the

world that are looking for the next

step in their carrier.